Kitchen and Bathroom features
Floor plan
Top View
Family Living
Kitchen & Pantry

Kitchen Features

  • Impressively designed platform with Granite tile worktop
  • Standard quality ceramic glazed wall tiles at kitchen wall up to seven ft height
  • Double burner gas outlet
  • Distinctive glazed homogeneous floor tiles in Kitchen floor
  • Provision for concealed hot water lines at kitchen sink
  • One imported stainless counter top steel sink (Double bowl, single tray) with sink mixture
  • One exhaust fan and sliding window for good ventilation
  • Washing area in kitchen verandah with tile finish

Bathroom Features

  • Uniform floor slope towards outlet
  • Standard quality sanitary wares in all bathrooms (Laufen or equiv.)*
  • Provision for shower enclosure in Master Bathroom
  • Good quality Bath tub in Children Bathroom
  • Glazed wall tiles in all bathrooms*
  • Matching ceramic floor tiles in all bathrooms*
  • Special features in Master and Children Bathrooms
  • Cabinet basin with marble top finish
  • One bathtub with mixer
  • Mirrors in all bathrooms with overhead lamp points
  • Imported good quality chrome plate fittings (China + Italy)
  • Imported (China + Italy) quality soap cases and one towel rail in all bathrooms*
  • Imported (China + Italy) quality one paper holder and push shower in all bathrooms*
  • Pedestal basin with accessories in other bathrooms*
  • Provision for concealed hot water line in all bathrooms*
  • Ceramic tiles on floor and wall up to seven ft height at servant's bath wall with long pan, shower and lowdown
* All except Servant toilet
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