Apartment features - Finishing
Floor plan
Top View
Family Living
Kitchen & Pantry

Floors, Walls and Verandahs

  • Distinctive China floor tiles (24" X 24") of premium quality
  • Matching 04" skirting with RAK tiles
  • External walls and apartment separation walls are combination of 10" and 5" brickwork with smooth plaster
  • Internal walls are 5" brickwork with smooth plaster
  • Grill with MS flat bar (3/4" X 3/16") in all outer verandah except front side

Paint & Polishing

  • Plastic paint in all internal walls and on ceiling (Berger/ Aqua/ Elite)
  • Weather coat paint on exterior wall
  • French polish in all doorframes and shutters
  • Synthetic enamel paint on grills, verandah, railing and metallic surface
  • Stairs with handrail and post
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