Apartment Features and Amenities
3D Floor plan
3D Top View
Family Living
Kitchen & Pantry

Open Design

  • Ample natural light with cross ventilation in all rooms
  • Master Bedroom, Children Bedroom and Family Living room have glass panel doors to balconies overlooking the park
  • In addition, the two bedrooms have windows on the south and north sides
  • living room is designed with large windows to allow maximum light and air
  • Study room can be integrated with living, dining and family living rooms for hosting large parties

Apartment Security

  • Round the clock security is provided with 24-hour guard duty

Fire Extinguisher

  • A fire extinguisher and manual fire alarm provided in each floor in case of emergency

Standby Generator

  • One standby emergency auto start generator
  • In case of power failure, the following will be supplied with emergency power:
  • One lift
  • Water pumps
  • Lighting in driveway, gate, boundary wall, lift lobby, stair and other common spaces
  • One light and one fan point in the three bedrooms, living, family living and dining rooms
  • One light point in kitchen and three toilets and one calling bell
  • Total of 17 emergency points in each apartment

Satellite Dish, Internet and Telephone Line

  • Provision for connection of satellite dish antenna with multi-channel capapcity from commercial cable TV operator in Master Bedroom and Familiy Living room
  • Concealed wiring for each apartment
  • Concealed wiring with separate cable for broadband Internet line provision in Master Bedroom and Study room (without connection)
  • One independent telephone line provision in Master Bedroom and one parallel line in Family Living room
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